Christian Kinship Solution for Orphan Crisis in Kenya



...are much more than just safe havens for children suffering from some of the worst tragedies you could imagine.

They’re primarily churches that become centers of hope for the community and serve multiple purposes. The public areas are used for worship, but also as the local meeting place, classrooms, or even a temporary medical facility. Growing up in such an environment, children who were once destitute now belong, grow, and thrive at the core of social activities. And since the community is also a Body of Christ, their upbringing becomes a discipleship training. The pastor of the Kinship Home and his wife usually live at the church as the Home Parents. They also welcome widows from the community to serve as caregivers in the family.  Below you can see Kinship Homes overseen by Shekinah Glory Missions in Kenya. But they need your help! You can sustain this ministry’s dream to keep caring for their current children and to rescue even more kids and welcome them into Kinship Homes and families!

Amazing Grace Kinship

Is located in the Malava District in western Kenya. This region has seen its share of HIV/AIDS deaths and tribal wars. Local clans also continue with barbaric customs for its youth, often forcing girls into child marriages and mutilating them, and promoting violence and tribal vengefulness amongst boys.  This Kinship offers refuge to many desperate girls from the area fleeing such horrific treatment. Will you be the one to join their efforts in bringing healing and protection to these suffering children?

Aruba Kinship

Is located in Trans-Nzoia County, not far from the Ugandan border. The area is mainly agricultural, often referred to as the “bread-basket of Kenya”. The most popular crops in the area are wheat, corn, tea, coffee and dairy farming. A majority of the people who live in the community are Christians, and Christianity continues to grow as the Aruba Kinship and other churches work together to share the Gospel with their neighbors. The Aruba Kinship focuses on caring for children who have lost their parents to the AIDs epidemic. You can take up their cause, and help these beautiful children who have already lost so much.

Bosnia Kinship

The Bosnia Kinship is located not far from Kitale, a town in western Kenya in a valley between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Hills. This area suffers from a desperate lack of resources because its population is enlarged through the nearness of a growing refugee camp. This overcrowding and lack of employment opportunities create violent outbreaks at times. Abandoned children are easy targets and often victims of the cruelty. But you can get these children off the street and into the safety of the Bosnia Kinship. You can relieve their suffering and brighten their once dim future.

Emmanuel Kinship

The Emmanuel Kinship is located in Kolongolo Village in western Kenya. Surrounding farmlands, though capable of producing crops, are often obliterated because of small farming insufficiency and a corrupted distribution system. Thousands suffer from a lack of food, clean water, and enough resources to sustain survival. Poverty increases tribal animosity fueling local wars about cattle rustling. Will you be the one to rescue abandoned kids from this environment and bring them into the safety of Emmanuel? You can give them a second chance at the childhood they never had.

Ephraim Kinship

The Ephraim Kinship is located in the Namanjalala community in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It started as a much-needed school, and it also welcomed a group of orphaned and impoverished youth from the community to live there. Soon after, the church community also embraced a group of abandoned babies. Now, this Kinship is reaching for the stars and trying to provide the best lives possible for these kids. It is home to a primary and a secondary school as well as the Kinship Home and the church. It also has a medical clinic within walking distance. Does that sound like a Kinship you can get behind? These programs come at a price, but with your help, can sustain its impact in the community and with kids in desperate need of a second chance.

Geta Kinship

The Geta Kinship is located in western Kenya. It was opened to help the abundance of local orphans and poverty-stricken children. Before the home was even furnished, Pastor Paul took in a group of orphans from the surrounding community. At that time, nine of the sixteen children moving in tested positive for HIV. Thanks to eager and kindhearted donors, the home got bunk-beds and a beginning food supply for the children.Children with HIV need regular medication to survive, let alone thrive. But you have the power to help them do both. A gift to Geta keeps the HIV positive children on their regular medication. It also goes towards food, clean water, education, a warm bed, and more for the little ones. What do you say? Is Geta the Kinship for you?

Kipsongo Kinship

This Kinship was built near the Kipsongo slum in Kitale, Kenya. The Turkana and Pokot tribes living on the land surrounding Kitale were enemies due to competition for resources. When a severe drought came, both tribes were forced to move into the slum in order to survive. Kipsongo Kinship was founded to bring hope to the people living in the slum, especially children most affected by the fighting. The Kinship Church’s outreach is building bridges between the Turkana and Pokot tribes and spreading the Gospel. Are you willing to care for Kipsongo? Your gifts will continue building tribal reconciliation and bring in kids who were orphaned, abandoned, or abused in the slum. You can give them a second chance at their childhood.

Lodwar Kinship

The Lodwar Kinship is located in the Turkana District of the Rift Valley Province.  Life is harsh in this desert region. People work hard and share what little they have, but there isn’t enough in this land to go around. The malnutrition rates have soared, especially among thousands of vulnerable children. Nevertheless, Pastor George, in addition to the family of over thirty orphans, is constantly reaching out to community members with open-air Gospel meetings and food programs.  Will you help keep the kids in this struggling desert-area Kinship thriving?

Lumut Kinship

The Lumut Kinship is located in western Kenya in Pokot tribe territory. In a scenic region with hills, farmlands and great safari, the Pokot tribe roams with cattle, sheep and goats. This area has definitely seen its share of HIV/AIDS deaths and became home to many AIDS orphans. Some tribes also hold to painful customs for young girls, often mutilating them and forcing them into child marriages. The Lumut Kinship rescued and provided refuge and Christian upbringing to over twenty of them. You can help the Lumut Kinship care for and take in even more of these girls fleeing from their painful reality. Is your heart being called toward this Kinship?

Manasseh Kinship

The Manasseh Kinship is located in the Rift Valley Province. As you travel throughout the dry and sandy northwestern regions of the Valley, you’ll see many children who wave as you pass by, jumping eagerly and smiling. However, many of them are orphans, bereaved by famine, tribal wars, and poverty. But the Manasseh Kinship is proud that over thirty of them found their new family and home within their four sturdy walls. A lot goes into raising one child, let alone thirty! Will you help the Manasseh Kinship give these beautiful children the lives they deserve? One full of love and family?


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